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What Our Guests Have To Say


Super clean and inviting! All the instructions were clear alongside all the amenities. Excited to try the other color therapy options next time! Loved the eucalyptus cooling towel after the sweat!

Lake at Dusk


I absolutely love this place! Since COVID, and winter approaching, i have missed hot yoga and sauna sessions so much. Thanks to ZenSweat I am able to get back into practicing hot yoga and keep my mind right! The experience from beginning to end was perfect. The studio was very clean, and completely contactless which is really amazing in times like these . Since I've started going my skin looks and feels amazing, my joints and muscle pain has eased and my mind feels clear and relaxed. I am so thankful I found this place! I highly recommend giving it a try.



I love it so much; after my first session I was hooked. My body feels refreshed after, and I sleep well because my joints are soothed. Completely contactless so no worries there. You can jam to music inside the sauna (like me) & the frozen towel afterwards is a treat! I’ve also lost 5 lbs since I’ve started.



Loved it. Awesome spit! Happy to have found this place.



The best! Nice way to treat yourself in a wellness type of way. Completely contact free experience which is great! If you do run into trouble for entry to the place, they have instructions on what to do.
Box when I'm in UT hovers around 150 degrees F depending how often I open the door. Eucalyptus cold towel afterward is very refreshing. Clean place and awesome that it's in walking distance.

Image by Luca Bravo


Wonderful sauna! Great that you can adjust temperature and play your own music! Loved the iced towel at the end too, thank you!



Have gone a couple times now, and has been a good experience both times. Spending at least 30 minutes in the sauna helps with self-care of the body and mind. Highly recommend.

Beautiful Landscape


Where to start? This place is absolutely incredible. The woman, who I assume owns it, is a pleasure to coordinate with. The environment is clean and relaxing. Everything you need is set up for you in advanced. I book for my first session last weekend and I’ve since been back three times and have continued to book an appointment nearly everyday for the rest of this week. I’ve told anyone who would about this place, solid experience all around. Would give it more than 5 stars if possible.

Winter Scenery


I am obsessed with this place. It's amazing. So calm and relaxed when I leave the sauna. Highly recommend!



This place is incredible! It has all you need to enjoy a sauna. The customer service is amazing. I am so happy this place opened steps from my apartment!

Mountain Lake Reflection


This was my first time to ZenSweat and I’m so impressed! The fact that everything was contactless and I was free to use the provided equipment as I please was extremely comforting for me. I have insecurities being at a gym or in a class so I avoid them completely and I don’t even think about visiting a sauna in a public setting. Today I was able to relax and be in control of my environment. ZenSweat made each step of the process super user friendly and I left feeling recharged and satisfied! Can’t wait for my next visit .

Such an amazing experience and user friendly!!

Water Lake Landscape


Love it, love it, the lights, the enviroment, you have music, Hulu, Peloton. Oh yes the best is the mini cold towels. Its been very relaxing after been in the room, I went to bed early that day.

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